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5In the US, high blood pressure contributes to almost 20% of deaths according to a study by Harvard. Even though high blood pressure does not cause any symptoms, it increases the risk of leading killers like stroke and heart attack, as well as cognitive decline, kidney failure and aneurysms. According to AHA (American Heart Foundation) 28% of the population has blood pressure and they do not know it. It is advisable to have your blood pressure checked every two years. In case you suffer from blood pressure, there are several ways you can use to know how to lower blood pressure quickly. Four of the best methods are:

Reduce alcohol intake

If you consume a lot of alcohol you should consider reducing your intake. It will bring down your systolic blood pressure (first number on your blood pressure results) two to four points. Women should limit themselves to one drink and men two drinks. In this case, a single drink is equal to 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor, 12 ounces of beer and five ounces of wine.

Eat potatoes

An integral part of all blood pressure lowering program is consuming potassium-rich vegetables and fruits. According to a preventive medicine professor, Northwestern University’s Linda Van Horn, try and get 2,000 to 4,000 milligrams of potassium every day.

The main sources of potassium-rich vegetables that assist in lowering blood pressure include honeydew melon, cantaloupe, peas, kidney beans, bananas, potatoes, orange juice, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Potassium rich fruits with such effects are dried raisins and prunes.

Work less

According to a study by the University­­­ of California done on more than 24,000 residents, working more than 40 hours a week increases the risk of high blood pressure by 15%. Overtime makes it hard to eat healthy and exercise says the lead researcher, Haiou Yang, PhD.4

It may be unreasonable to clock out early during these tough economic times. All the same, make efforts to leave at a decent hour – so you can have time to prepare a healthy meal or visit the gym – as frequently as possible. One of the ways to help you achieve this is by setting a reminder on your computer or phone. It will be a reminder to stop working and head home or to the gym.


When your doctor prescribes blood pressure medication, they should explain everything about it including side effects and explain how it works. Some medications may operate by decreasing the amount of fluid in your system which results with less pressure on them. Others work by lowering your heart rate which then decreases blood pressure to a safe level.

9High blood pressure is a long term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the blood vessels is persistently increased. High blood pressure places you at a risk of developing some serious health conditions for instance; stroke, poor blood circulation and heart diseases. Besides, long-term high blood pressure has been medically proven to increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, heart tissues damage besides a heart attack. Hypertension cannot be linked to a direct cause hence it has been a worry to many people currently, some of who are worried about taking medication to help lower hypertension. This article will provide tips on how to lower blood pressure. Besides, by reading it, you have not to worry any-more since it provides measures beyond simply taking medication that you can implement to reduce your blood pressure, for instance, by making a right lifestyle choice hence lowering your chances of developing the long-term effects. These tips include;

Regular physical activities- it has been proven that by exercising at least 30 minutes each day a week can in return lower your blood pressure for approximate 5-10 mm HG. If you only possess the pre-hypertension, by undertaking regular exercises, it can be of help to prevent the full- blown high blood pressure. However, if you already have hypertension, physical activities can aid to level down the blood pressure to a safer level. Physical exercises such as jogging, cycling, Gym activities, dancing and swimming helps to level down your blood pressure. It is always helpful and of importance to be pursuant to the training program since by stopping to exercise, this can result in subsequent blood pressure rise once more.

Eating a healthy diet and trying DASH – it has been experimentally proven that consumption of a diet that is plentiful in whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and avoiding a diet that is cholesterol-rich can help in levelling down your blood pressure by approximate 15 mm Hg. According to Dietary Approaches to Stop High Blood Pressure (DASH), it is advisable to keep a food diary, be a smart shopper and try to include diets rich in potassium ions and finally reduce the amount of the sodium you consume. This helps to reduce hypertension. Also, weight loss is another key factor to consider since high blood pressure is directly proportional to weight increase. Weight loss according to experiments has been rated as one of the most efficient lifestyle approaches in controlling high blood pressure

Restrict amount of alcohol –it is advisable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink since by taking it in small amounts helps to reduce your blood pressure by approximately 5 mm Hg. Drinking responsibly and setting a moderates amounts that are not too much can be of help. When alcohol is taken in excess, it raises your blood pressure by notable points besides cutting down the efficiency of blood pressure medication.

Reduce and manage stress and anxiety – stress and anxiety lead to a temporary increase in blood pressure. You can engage in activities such as; eating right and training which mainly help to deal with daily stress besides helping you to stay calm. Moreover, other forms of relaxation such as deep breathing, personal meditation besides a routine that concentrates mainly on calming activities such as drinking a cup of chamomile tea in the morning. Besides you can also reduce hypertension by stopping smoking which is another key factor to consider. Every single cigarette you smoke levels up your blood pressure. Besides, it is recommendable to limit the amount of caffeine since it also raises your blood pressure by approximate 10 mm Hg.


I would recommend to you the workable tips discussed above such as;

· Regular physical activities

· Eating a healthy diet and trying DASH

· Limiting the amount of the sodium intake

· Practising weight loss

· restrict the amount of caffeine intake

· Restrict amount of alcohol

· stopping smoking

· Reduce and manage your stress and anxiety

These tips provide solutions on how to lower blood pressure to a significant degree besides diminishing your chances of developing other major complications that result from high blood pressure such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, and other heart diseases.1

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